Application for Free Guide Services

Nara has many places of interest and will definitely satisfy your curiosity in Japanese culture and history, regardless of the duration of your stay.  Nara SGG Club is always ready to accept your request for a guide.


We accept applications on a first-come basis and depending on the availability of our volunteer guide.

  • Please submit your application at least three days in advance, but not more than three months ahead of the day you’re applying for.
  • Our service is mainly offered in English (please ask us about the availability of other languages).
  • Please pay for the guide’s commute and other expenses such as meals and transportation during our service.
  • Neither Nara SGG nor the guides accompanying you are responsible for any injuries, accidents and /or damages occurring during the service.
  • Any requests related to for-profit tourist business will not be accepted.
  • Guides may not ride on bicycles or in automobiles driven by our guests on any tour courses.
  • Guests are expected to take a lunch break if a guided tour runs beyond noon.
  • We are sorry not to have a guide service during the year-end and New-year holidays
    (December 29th to January 3rd).

Please do not hesitate to ask any questions in relation to the above conditions,or make a request of our service.

Please send your request to us either by mail form or e-mail.

If the mail form is not available, please fill-out the form below and attach it on your e-mail to be sent to


1. The date of our service Requested (month/day/year):

2. Your name:

3. Gender: male female

4. E-mail address:

5. Nationality:

6. Number of people in your group and relationship with you (their age groups, any children?):

7. Meeting time and place (usually at JR Nara or Kintetsu private-line Nara Station, at your hotel in Nara):

8. Requested places to visit:

9. Tour duration(from-to)and your schedule to be noted:

10. Meal request (any allergy to be noted):

11. Accommodation / Phone number (if you know, on the previous night for any emergency needs):

12. Any other questions/requests you may have:


Please contact us for further details.