Letters from Guide Users

Thank you so much for your time with my family. You helped make our vacation even more beautiful.
We were honored to have spent the day by your side.
I hope we will meet again, one day.

Frolian/France (Oct. 13, 2023)

We just want to say once more “Arigatou!” for your precious help during our visit to Nara last week.
We remember our day together as one of the best days of our trip to Japan.

Enrico/Italy (Sept. 15, 2023)

Staying in Japan was really great, we fell in love with your county. Japan has so much to offer.

Danial/Poland (May 27, 2023)

We learned a lot and loved every places that our guide took us.
The tour was great and I am very thankful !

Flavia/Brazil (April 15,2023)

Thank you for the great day. You have been so kind and professional and we had an amazing day in Nara. Such a lovely place!
Arigato gozaimasu.

Ilaria, Valerio, Luca, and Claudia/Italy (Apr. 24, 2023)
Hello, there is the sun in Kyoto, but there is not you.
Thank you for ever. Thanks for the wonderful day.

Claudia and Ene/Italy (Mar. 19, 2023)
It has been a pleasure and we had really enjoy the visit of Nara with your guidance.
Your help support on organising the visit before reaching Nara had a lot of value to us.
A wonderful day with a marvellous guide to Nara.

Yolanda and Josep / Spain (Mar. 8, 2023)